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ZIRP: what should tech workers expect?

Large companies such as Meta, Amazon, and Google have significantly reduced their staff over the past 18 months and have begun to cut costs to ensure employee comfort. Some tech workers who previously considered their careers more than safe and privileged are now expressing worries. Zero interest rate phenomenon – what is it & why everyone is stressed out by it?

According to, in 2024, more than 38,000 tech workers have already been fired, bringing the total number since the beginning of last year (2023) to more than 260,000. Notably contrasting with the previous pattern, when tech companies were seeking ways to attract and retain talented employees.

“Now, you can come to work one day, and your badge to the office doesn’t work, you’re done,” the senior tech worker said. “Across the board, even people working in AI, they’re worried about waking up without a job. Even if you’re the new hotness, you’re not safe.”