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Meta will keep the deepfakes on its platforms, marking such content


Meta has released changes to its rules regarding content created with the help of artificial intelligence and manipulated media in response to criticism from the Supervisory Board. Starting next month, the company will mark a wider range of such content, by applying the “Made with the use of AI” icon to deepfakes. In addition, extra contextual information may appear if the content has been subjected to other types of manipulation that pose a high risk of misleading the public on an important issue.

 In a blog post published on Friday, Meta said it would stop removing content in July based solely on its current policy on manipulative videos: “This timeline gives people time to understand the self-reporting process before we stop removing a smaller subset of manipulative media.”

The policy change is also likely to contribute to more AI-generated content and manipulative news remaining on Meta’s platforms, as the company favors an approach focused on “providing transparency and additional context” as “the best way to combat such content” (rather than removing manipulative news, given the associated risks to freedom of speech).