2024 cybersecurity predictions

As a result of recent economic and geopolitical events, last year was a favorable period for cybercriminals to intensify their activities. Everyone realizes that even minor business interruptions can lead to significant financial losses.

In recent years, cybercriminals have increasingly resorted to misconfigurations in the cloud to gain access to critical networks. According to IBM, the most popular method used by attackers in 2023 was the theft of cloud credentials.

Experts predict that in 2024, we will see more and more cloud architects taking responsibility for the security of implemented applications. That is, products designed for security professionals will also be actively used by programmers and DevOps teams. Thus, all of them will be able to contribute to the process of improving the security of their applications, but at the same time, they will not slow down the development process.

Together with the rapid spread of cloud technologies and the problems associated with a significant shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals, these tools will play a leading role in preventing cyber criminals from attacking and identifying attack vectors that they can use.