New research on artificial intelligence: How AI can become a competitive advantage for business analysts

A newly published study by Info-Tech highlights the prospects for using artificial intelligence in managing business processes and their requirements. The plan developed by the company is a strategic guide for business analysts on how to effectively implement artificial intelligence to optimize business processes and decision-making.

Info-Tech identifies several key stages that will help business analysts successfully apply artificial intelligence in requirements management: readiness and risk assessment; defining artificial intelligence strategy and goals; implementation and execution; analysis and evaluation. To learn more, read the study.

Vince Mirabelli, principal research director at Info-Tech Research Group, says:

“AI is set to completely revolutionize the practice of requirements management, offering opportunities for unparalleled efficiency and precision in the solution development lifecycle. However, organizations should approach AI implementation with a thoughtful and cautious strategy. The right way to embark on this journey involves understanding the constraints and limitations of AI, ensuring data quality and diversity to prevent biased outcomes, and incorporating human oversight throughout the process.”