8×8 introduces new XCaaS platform capabilities: read real-time transcriptions and summaries made by AI

8x8 has introduced new functionality for AI-powered video meetings on its 8x8 XCaaS platform. Users can now access real-time transcriptions, debriefing, and follow-up planning to strengthen collaboration during and after meetings. With this move, 8x8 underscores its focus on innovative AI-powered contact center software and unified communications solutions that help companies increase productivity and efficiency.

The update includes the following functionality: meeting summaries ensure continuous information exchange and facilitate planning of next steps and actions, as well as reminders of key events and meeting goals. Smart and high-quality meeting subtitles that differentiate between participants and provide important information in text form, as well as eliminate the need to take time-consuming notes during a meeting. The ability to link meeting data directly to CRM systems such as Salesforce for easy, centralized access, tracking, and real-time reporting.

“Our continued AI-led innovations are motivated by our desire to provide organizations with the technology and solutions that make their customer engagement, communication, and collaboration efforts more effective and efficient,” said Hunter Middleton, Chief Product Officer at 8×8, Inc. “These continuing AI enhancements to the 8×8 XCaaS platform underpin exactly what we’re striving to achieve – superior employee and customer experiences – and we are deeply committed to bringing to market features that add value to our customers.”