ChatGPT iOS Update: Siri, iPad and Shortcuts support


New ChatGPT update provides some useful features for iPad users. 

OpenAI has provided its first one of ChatGPT updates for its application for iOS users, providing a native interface for iPads, and also integration with Siri and Shortcuts. 

The main update is drag and drop feature that is now supported by ChatGPT, available for users in 40 countries for now.  In 31 of these, ChatGPT was the number one downloading app in AppStore. 

Let us take a close look at what have ChatGPT developers provided for iOS users and check out those features. 

ChatGPT App Lands on iPad

The most important part of the new OpenAI update is definitely the iPad native support for ChatGPT application. The previous version was usable though, but it was optimized for iPhone displays only, which means it did neither look good nor was comfortable to work with. Especially difficult it was for businesses who wanted to use all capabilities of ChatGPT. 

Now it doesn’t only look great, it can work totally fine with iPad native screen dimension support. This also relates to iPad split-screen mode, which is extremely important for doing collaborative tasks. 

With the addition of drag and drop feature, it’s now surprisingly easy to use ChatGPT capabilities on an iPad, as you can ask the chat for answer in one window, and drag the answer to share it with your colleagues. 

Siri and Shortcuts Integration

The latest enhancements to the ChatGPT app include support for Siri and Shortcuts. At its core, this enables users to instruct Siri to open the AI tool, akin to other favorite apps. However, the real value lies in the potential automation of processes between ChatGPT and various apps.

While Siri can’t currently leverage ChatGPT’s AI expertise for answering questions, users can create custom prompts using Shortcuts to automate the bot’s actions based on the requested information. With this integration, ChatGPT users can instruct the bot to seamlessly share or save generated responses to other apps, such as Notes or Docs.

This automation feature is particularly beneficial for power users who no longer need to manually sift through their request history to locate essential information for meetings; instead, the data is neatly organized and filed away.

ChatGPT update for Android is coming soon

Although ChatGPT has made its debut on mobile devices, it’s currently exclusive to Apple devices. OpenAI has assured Android users that support is “coming soon,” but, for the time being, those with Google’s mobile operating system must access ChatGPT as a web app. While still robust, the experience may not be as seamless as the dedicated iOS app. OpenAI initially launched the ChatGPT for iOS app in early May, closely following the ChatGPT Premium release in February, with hopes for continued releases and the fulfillment of Android users’ wishes later this summer.