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Easy on Hold releases music channel with “clean” call center hold music

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Easy on Hold, music distributor from the US, has stated that it released “trigger-free” music channel for call centers. One of the biggest problems for call center industry is to find a solution to stop frustrating customers with on-hold music. 

We have interviewed hundreds of contact center managers, and they often cite callers’ negative feedback about certain songs as one of their chief problems to solve,” said Julie Brown, President and CEO of Easy On Hold. “Callers on hold are more focused on lyrics than they would be if that same song was background music in, say, a retail store. So, we can understand why contact centers are wary of offering any kind of vocal music, yet they don’t want to be limited to ‘safe but boring’ instrumental music

The channel is called Pop Smile, and as Julie Brown says, it contains different music from different eras during last 60 years.