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Balto Conversation Excellence Lab conducted a research regarding call center AI use


The report is called “Distinguishing Real From Hype: How Contact Centers Are Actually Using AI in 2023,” is basically a survey that included a group of 400 call center executives who were asked about AI impact on regular call center operations and team performance. In short, the result of a research proves that AI is a new must-have tool in call center industry.

Among surveyed executives, the use of AI in call centers they work in has jumped from 59% to 90% since 2022.

Call center teams stated they can evaluate AI use as “positive”, and another result is the fact that new benchmarks for critical call center metrics, like CSAT, have become more demanding, and those call centers that don’t use AI are risking to fall out the competition.

“Our research underscores a pivotal shift in contact centers,” said Maria Edington, VP of Marketing at Balto. “AI tools are no longer a luxury but a necessity. What’s crucial now is proving their ROI. It’s not just about having them; it’s about making them work for your business.”