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EWII chooses Agillic as its new partner to improve customer journey with personalized service


EWII, utility service provider, has chosen Agillic as its new partner for providing new digital projects that are focused on more personalized and proactive customer experience.

“Agillic emerged as the ideal partner that aligns with our ambitions” said Jakob Linde, Head of Digital CX Platforms at EWII. “We have been focused on establishing a more comprehensive and data-driven approach to our digital solutions. Agillic’s flexibility in handling complex data models, particularly across various companies within our group, perfectly addresses our need for unified and personalised communication.”

“We aim to create a unified digital experience that resonates with our customers regardless of their interaction context,” commented Mette Daugård Hultén, Group Vice President of Marketing and Communication at EWII. “Agillic’s solution empowers us to craft relevant and personalised recommendations based on a holistic customer perspective, encompassing their various addresses and service preferences across the companies in the EWII Group.”

“We are excited about our new partnership with Agillic,” affirmed Jakob Linde. “Through this collaboration, we anticipate delivering a cohesive digital customer journey that thrives on tailored advice and solutions across all our digital platforms and channels.”

Emre Gürsoy, CEO of Agillic adds:

“We are delighted to welcome EWII to the Agillic family. Their strategic vision of delivering a more personalised and coherent digital experience deeply resonates with our mission. By addressing the challenge of communicating seamlessly across diverse customer contexts, we are excited to help turn this challenge into a realised ambition. We are committed to supporting EWII in achieving their digital transformation milestones and contributing to their goal of being Denmark’s most customer-oriented and strongest supply supermarket.”