AI-powered solutions discriminate against people of color: is business responsible?

After surveying 1,000 U.S. customers aged 18 to 54, Talkdesk, Inc. a leading global developer of AI contact center software, found a prevailing opinion among consumers that there is a need to regulate the ethical and transparent use of artificial intelligence.

Among the respondents, 64% did not receive a desirable and useful recommendation that would take into account their preferences, views, or previous purchases. The number of dissatisfied respondents is even higher among Hispanics (72%) and black people (69%).

Consumers place the main responsibility for using artificial intelligence on the companies that implement it. In general, based on the opinions of customers, there are three main priority areas for brands: 88% agree that a company should have an internal policy on the ethical use of AI; 86% say that brands have a responsibility to monitor, control, and prevent AI bias; and 83% say that companies should proactively inform customers about the use of AI and any potential bias.

“The power of AI is undeniable as retailers increasingly leverage it to build stronger customer relationships and offer a more personalized shopping experience. That being said, without the proper commitment to responsible AI, it could have the power to do the exact opposite”, said Shannon Flanagan, general manager and vice president of Retail & Consumer Goods at Talkdesk.

With artificial intelligence now effectively becoming the foundation of the modern customer experience, companies must ensure that they use safe and morally ethical AI solutions, and openly disclose that their AI models use customer data.

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