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ChatGPT as a tool of contract law

A team of experts from Salus Security, a company specializing in blockchain security, has published a study. It is expected to reveal the impact of ChatGPT on the process of parsing and auditing smart contracts.

The results of the study prove that GPT-4 effectively helps to find vulnerabilities that should be investigated separately, outside the test environment. Cointelegraph reports that ChatGPT guarantees about 80% accuracy in testing.

“GPT-4 can be a useful tool in assisting with smart contract auditing, especially in code parsing and providing vulnerability hints. However, given its limitations in vulnerability detection, it cannot fully replace professional auditing tools and experienced auditors at this time. When using GPT-4, it should be combined with other auditing methods and tools to enhance the overall accuracy and efficiency of the audit,” as per insights from the research paper.