What is Imagine with Meta AI and how to use it?

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As Google dropped its own Google Gemin AI (Artificial Intelligence) image generator, Meta couldn’t affort to fall behind and came with its response to competitors – Imagine Meta Image Generator, which provides the same functionality – AI-generated images from text that is sent by users to the system. In other words, all these AI tools use the same text-to-image technology, but each of them has its own unique characteristics. 

The same platforms were dropped not only by such giants as Meta and Google, but also by OpenAI – world’s pioneer in AI technologies development, and smaller companies. The truth is that Meta and Google are those who are trying to catch the trend – AI-driven image generation tools became popular almost a year before, but only know these leading companies released their own platforms. 

We’ve tested Meta’s new Imagine AI image generator and written this guide for you to help you learn how it works and why you should try it as soon as possible.

What is Imagine with Meta AI?

Imagine with Meta AI is an generative AI image creator that turns your text inputs into pictures. It was first previewed at Meta Connect 2023 in November and follows in the footsteps of a similar image generator launched in beta for Meta-owned WhatsApp earlier this year.

Imagine AI-generator is quite different from other Meta products, as it is kind of separated – it has its website, where you enter your Meta login details and can use all the functionalities of the website and AI-generator itself. 

Another sad fact is that Imagine Meta AI generator is still in beta, so some bugs and other issues can occur, as well as functionality isn’t that perfectly designed as it is in other solutions of this kind.

How to Use Meta Imagine AI Image Generator

To use Imagine Meta AI image generator, you have to conduct a few simple steps, including entering the website and logging in on it. 

  • Go to
  • Use the “Log in to generate” button
  • Choose to log in or create a Meta account with Facebook, Instagram or email
  • Follow the prompts to connect or create a Meta account

There is another sad news, by the way. Beta version of Imagine is available in the US only, so for all others it means you have to wait a bit more. 

Screenshot of Imagine by Meta AI image generator unavailable in UK

Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be a guide if it didn’t contain a hint on how to try Imagine from other sides of the world.

How to Use Imagine with Meta AI Image Generator from Anywhere

As you could guess, the only option to use Meta AI Image generator if you are not in the US or you don’t plan to go there is to use VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN is absolutely legal, and even though it isn’t very popular in Western world, in some countries use of VPN is as common as use credit cards. 

The main feature of VPN is to change your dynamic IP address, which means external resources, like websites or apps, start to believe that you locate in another country. There are both free and paid VPN services, but even in free versions, US IP adresses are mostly free – which means you can easily access Meta’s new release. Nonetheless, remember, that until VPN is working, your Internet speed will be slowed down. 

From here, you simply input a text prompt for Imagine to turn into an image. Imagine with Meta AI start screen with input box

We are not going to advertise any VPN services, but there are a few of them that are generally recommended and recognized. Try Turbo VPN or TunnelBear VPN services – they offer good capabilities for free versions, and also they are reliable and easy to use. 

Is Meta AI’s Imagine Image Generator Great or No?

There are two sides of a coin – first of all, Meta Imagine is still in beta, so it is more likely to come with some bugs or other problems for users. On the other hand, it is absolutely free – not like its rival from OpenAI – which means we have nothing to lose.