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Vodafone is going to launch first-ever 5G SA network service in the UK

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The well-known telecommunications services provider, Vodafone, stated that the release of first UK 5G SA network available for common users is coming soon. On first stage, network will be available in big cities only, including London, Cardiff, Manchester, and Glasgow. 

The 5G SA network provided will make the Vodafone the first telecom services provider to do so in the UK. The network can be used on some new gen smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S21 and S22.

Some users are already able to use the service, but the main release is planned for 24 February, 2023.

“Vodafone is the first company in the UK to offer customers a 5G Standalone network, the most advanced network available today.

5G Standalone is the fully upgraded 5G network. Whereas the existing 5G service offered by telecoms companies relies partly on 4G technology (which is why it is known as 5G Non-standalone), Vodafone’s 5G Standalone has every element fully upgraded and future-proofed”, – official press-release says.