The US banned the sales of Chinese companies’ telecommunication hardware, including Huawei

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Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will ban the sales and import of telecommunication hardware and video surveillance devices from the Chinese companies Huawei, ZTE, Hytera, Hikvision, and Dahua.

This is made to meet the law requirements of the law signed a year ago by President Biden. The main purpose of the way is to block licensing of the new telecommunication hardware from Chinese manufacturers that were recognized as a threat to US national security. At the same time, this ban doesn’t include devices that were produced by the above-mentioned Chinese brands, if these devices weren’t recognized as a threat to US national security. 

“FCC has its purpose to protect our national security by guaranteeing that unreliable communication equipment will not be allowed to be used within our borders, – the Head of the FCC Jessica Rosenvorsel said – The new rules are an important part of our regular events concerning protecting the American people from telecommunication threats to our national security”.