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The AI revolution goes further: first AI-based contact centers are already available for servicing clients in South Korea


The South Korean enterprise, Hyundai Home Shopping Network Corp., which offers household products, has announced the launch of AI-servicing options in its contact center this May. 

The above-mentioned AI-service contact center (AICC) is a long-term project started last year in cooperation with KT Corporations, another South Korean company working with telecommunication technologies. 

The prior technology used in AICC is Speech-to-Text which transforms the conversation between clients and operators into a text and text analyzing tool (TA), which allows the system to analyze the generated texts. 

The AI can process common customer inquiries on its own and provide operators with assisting information to help them handle customer requests in real-time mode. 

AI can also provide operators with information regarding the previous orders of a customer, the history of customer service calls, and other info needed for high-quality customer service. 

Such an AI-assistance improves the quality of service provided by the agent, as well as it can reduce average issue resolution time and improve CX. 

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