New successful AI solution: 8×8 Intelligent Customer Assistant


A user-friendly conversational AI chatbot that serves not so much as a replacement for the existing contact center, but rather as a complement to their efforts, 8×8 –  is pleased with the remarkable improvement in the overall customer experience.

“8×8 Intelligent Customer Assistant enables organizations to better serve their customers, across both voice and digital channels, by providing answers quickly and seamlessly for customers, and knowing when to escalate issues to a live agent.

On the other hand, contact center agents are provided with the resources they need to focus on complex customer issues, rather than spending valuable time and resources on mundane, easy-to-answer questions.” said Hunter Middleton, Chief Product Officer at 8×8, Inc.

The 8×8 Intelligent Customer Assistant is a part of the 8×8 contact center that is provided through the 8×8 XCaaS (Experience Communications as a Service) integrated cloud contact center. 

8×8 XCaaS is a resilient, secure, and flexible platform that offers the highest level of reliability with a financially backed SLA of 99.999% uptime as part of an integrated UCaaS and CCaaS cloud solution.