How banks’ refusal to integrate AI is holding them back on the road to CX improvement


A new research in the banking sector conducted by CX leader, Talkdesk, focuses on CX trends in banks and credit unions, including the impact of AI on this area.

Speaking to various financial institutions about what is holding their organizations back from deepening their use of AI, respondents cited an unwillingness to change (66%) as the biggest issue, followed by a fear of lack of skills to use it (63%). Large organizations also expressed concerns about the low quality of the output data (74%).

Tiago Paiva, chief executive officer and founder of Talkdesk, said:

“In the race to inch out ahead of the competition and thrive during tough times, financial organizations are right to view CX as a critical component to success.

But, that CX strategy must incorporate responsible, AI-driven digital capabilities alongside human support to optimize every step in the customer journey and personalize experiences, otherwise some banks and credit unions–particularly smaller ones–will quickly start to get left behind.”

Talkdesk, as a leading solution provider of AI-powered contact center technologies since 2018, has announced significant product updates that increase the adoption of GenAI across its Talkdesk CX Cloud and Industry Experience Clouds.

With this product, financial institutions can easily and without special skills eliminate unreliable and misleading AI use and resulting brand risk, and create a compelling experience for customers.