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Invoca introduces new AI solution for conversational processing


nvoca, an active player in the Conversation Intelligence market, has announced improvements to its Signal AI and introduced a unique solution for creating customized AI models for call analytics – Signal AI Studio.

Invoca’s Signal AI’s main purpose is to identify not only the main point of conversation but also the details.

Invoca AI helps digital marketing and contact center teams collaborate to increase revenue.

“With Signal AI, you don’t need to be a data scientist to unlock the power of AI. Now, any user can drive revenue by unlocking breakthrough insights from the buying journey, especially the ‘moment of truth’ where consumers make critical purchase decisions.” said Nathan Ziv, senior vice president of product at Invoca.

The updates include improved named entity recognition (NER), which helps extract vital insights from the customer conversation and add them to the customer card.

A new transcription engine powered by generative AI has also been added, powered by more than 700,000 hours of audio data, which has improved Signal AI’s ability to convert call recordings into text accurately.