Intradiem Introduces AI-Powered Solution to Predict Contact Center Agent Attrition

Intradiem, call center software provider, has released innovative solution for predicting agent attrition based on AI technologies. 

This solution is going to help call centers identify cases of agent burnout at the early beginning, as average attrition rate for call center agents is one of the world’s highest of up to 70% annually. Also, that is a huge problem due to the cost of agent replacement that often comes up to 35,000USD.

“Agent attrition is always a pressing issue for contact center leaders. It’s costly to find, hire, and train agents, and a lack of experienced employees can negatively impact customer,” said Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst at Metrigy, a research firm specializing in customer and employee engagement. “Intradiem’s solution helps to retain what are among the most valuable employees companies have–those who know the customer. By using Intradiem to identify agents who are at risk of leaving the company and immediately taking actions to remediate, companies will save money and enjoy happier agents.”

“With Intradiem’s extensive amount of real-time data and our talented team of developers and industry experts, we can bring powerful AI solutions to contact centers’ most critical and enduring challenges,” said Intradiem CEO Matt McConnell. “This is a genuine breakthrough with benefits that will ripple through the entire customer service delivery chain, from agents to operations to customers.”