Deepfakes: a scam or a game-changing business tool?

Deepfakes are hyperrealistic fake photos or videos created with the help of artificial intelligence that has already gained a reputation as signs of disinformation and fraud. However, the same technologies that create them can also be used for positive, even revolutionary, business purposes.

Deepfake-generated content offers companies new ways to engage and serve customers through more personalized online interactions. For example, deepfakes can be used to create different avatars and images to enhance the design of a website or a presentation. An avatar can be used to disguise personal information or simply make a speaker look more presentable. Deepfakes can even help designers of websites for clothing and accessory brands by helping to create three-dimensional and realistic models. To dilute the usual textual interaction with the customer, companies could offer customer service through customized avatars tailored to each customer.

People need to understand the capabilities of deepfakes and have the right to be skeptical of unexpected videos, especially if they are intended to evoke a strong emotional reaction or contain outright false content. Businesses should serve as an example of transparency and an ethical approach, for example, eradicating AI bias towards certain user groups so that prejudice and injustice are not built into future products.