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1 of 4 Banking Clients in the UK demand clearer access to customer service department phone numbers

26.5% of banking services users in the United Kingdom think that making access to phone numbers of customer service teams more simple on websites is a key factor that influences customer service quality. 

Research shows also that customer service quality is a driving factor in customer retention, with over 40% of users marking it as the most important influential aspect of building stable customer-bank relationships. 

Agam Kohli, Director, CX Solutions Engineering, at Odigo, comments, “With the last few financially difficult years, banking customers wanting to speak to a real person should come as no surprise.

“When people have urgent questions or concerns about their finances, being able to reach a real person is critical for some customers and can be a make-or-break situation. Because it’s often only other humans who can provide the answers and reassurance they need.”

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