The end of the entire era: Google discontinued the augmented reality smart glasses project

oogle 1

Last Wednesday, Google announced that it discontinues the sales of Glass Enterprise augmented reality smart glasses. Thus, the sales of the devices are stopped for the second time in the last 10 years. 

“We thank you for more than 10 years of innovations and partnership”, – Google wrote on its website on Wednesday, concerning the end of its smart glasses sales. 

“From the 15th of March 2023, we will no more sell Glass Enterprise Edition. Nonetheless, we’ll continue to support already sold devices until the 15th of September 2023”, – the company noted

Smart glasses that allowed to show little fragments of information on the transparent screen in the user’s field of vision were first released in 2013. They were designed for individual use. 

In January 2015, Google discontinued the sales of its first-gen smart glasses which were often considered too expensive (the retail price was 1,500$).

In 2017, Google released the second generation of the glasses – Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. This generation was designed to fit business purposes, especially for manufacturing and surgery.

In 2019, the device was updated and received a new faster Qualcomm XR1 chip costing $999. 

Nonetheless, in Wednesday’s press release, Google didn’t name the exact reason for discontinuing the device – even though Apple and Meta are also developing their own series of smart glasses. As we have already mentioned, Google proved that the official support of the device is prolonged until the 15th of September this year. 

When the official support terms will be over, Google will no more release updates for the smart glasses. Moreover, the app “Meet the Glass” may stop working properly too.