South Korea will launch a 6G wireless network in 2028 – two years ahead of schedule


South Korea is planning to launch the 6G network service in 2028 – south Korean officials from the Ministry of ICT said. Thus, the 6G will be available two years ahead of schedule. The reason for such a hurry is a wish of South Korea to dominate the market of future wireless frequencies, – BNN Newsroom states.

As the Ministry of Science and ICT states, the plan of K-Network 2030 defines that the South Korean Government will speed up the launch of commercial 6G network services by two years. This will be achieved by applying world-class 6G technologies, strengthening of the network providing chain, and implementing innovations in the field of next-generation mobile network development, based on modern software.

Additionally, the government will encourage local companies to produce materials, components, and equipment required for the deployment of 6G technology in South Korea. The government will also develop an open RAN or open radio access network compatible with any mobile device. 

The ministry said a feasibility study for a research project on integral 6G technologies worth 625.3 billion won (US$481.7 million) is underway.

The ministry added that the advanced plan aims to help South Korea maintain its leading position in the global competition for the network infrastructure of the future, which starts after the end of the 5G network race. This is to meet the growing demand for higher speed and lower latency in wireless communications.