LG tested the 6G communication in urban conditions


LG Electronics, a South Korean company, tested data transmission and reception in the 6G terahertz range at a distance of 320 meters outdoors. Testing took place on September 7 at the Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin.

Such tests can speed up the launch of commercial use of 6G technology in cities because 6G coverage requires the placement of base stations at a distance of about 250 meters. A year ago, LG successfully tested the 6G data exchange at a distance of 100 meters outdoors.

 To compensate for power losses in 6G, the Fraunhofer Institute developed an amplifier capable of increasing the transmission power, as well as a receiver amplifier to improve the quality of the incoming signal.

The multi-channel amplifier used in the tests has an output power of more than 20 dBm, which is 5 dBm more than last year’s technology.

The discussion of 6G network standards is planned for 2025, and the implementation of the technology by commercial operators – is for 2029. Compared to 5G, 6G will provide much higher data rates with lower latency and higher reliability.