How influencers can earn more on Instagram


Instagram is launching the changes in the context of competition with TikTok, which has recently become extremely popular. Previously, Instagram paid creators for posting interesting videos, but now they are introducing the Spring Bonus program, which focuses on monetizing posts. TikTok is also introducing new features to encourage users to post actively, which may contribute to increased competition between these platforms.

This program is the next iteration of Instagram’s previous bonuses and is currently only available to select members. Such bonuses were previously available in a limited number of countries, such as the United States, Japan, and South Korea. The program does not apply to posts that are labeled as sponsored or contain a watermark from third-party platforms.

Jackson Weimer, a well-known meme creator, confirmed that he had access to this bonus. He said he earned about $70 in the first four days of the program. Another Instagram user, Mike Potter, received a notification about the bonus and earned approximately $58.