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Gemini AI: no more image generation?


Google says it is suspending the on-demand image generation feature of its Gemini (formerly Bard) artificial intelligence after it was discovered that the tool generated inaccurate and questionable historical images. At the request of one user, Gemini created various images of the US Founding Fathers and German soldiers from the Nazi era, depicting them as representatives of different races and genders.  Such images looked like an attempt to undermine gender and racial stereotypes inherent in generative AI.

To recap, Google first launched Gemini’s image generation feature earlier this month, aiming to compete with Microsoft’s OpenAI and Copilot. The image generation tool, similar to its counterparts, produces a set of images based on the text entered by the user.

“We’re already working to address recent issues with Gemini’s image generation feature,” says Google in a statement posted on X. “While we do this, we’re going to pause the image generation of people and will re-release an improved version soon.”