AI in telecommunications: what to expect in the future?

Like other industries, the global telecommunications market is actively embracing AI technologies and all the opportunities it opens up. It is expected to reach USD 11.29 billion by 2030. The CAGR is projected to be 28.2% between 2023 and 2030, marking a transition to a new era for both communication service providers (CSPs) and those planning to use these technologies.

The development of technology concepts such as NFV and SD-WAN is helping the telecommunications sector to actively use the power of AI to increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience. The introduction of AI technologies simplifies the solution of complex problems inherent in modern communication networks.

So, how does the use of artificial intelligence affect telecommunications?

Network security and optimization: Implementation of sophisticated AI-based strategies allows telecom service providers to adapt their strategies to the requirements of multimedia services and enhance network security.

Improving customer experience: AI-powered virtual assistants and analytics help achieve a more responsive customer experience in the telecommunications industry, thereby increasing revenue for companies.

Autonomous work: AI can also successfully automate and improve network management through deep packet inspection and service-oriented networking.

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